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Here you will find our range of biscuit cutters or Cookie cutters, these biscuit cutters can also be used for fondant cutters we have both metal and plastic cutters
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Category Products

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Angel Biscuit cutterAngel Biscuit cutter
Bird Shaped Biscuit CutterBird Shaped Biscuit Cutter
This cute bird shaped biscuit cutter is ideal for use in making biscuits (cookies)
Bone Shapped Biscuit CutterBone Shapped Biscuit Cutter
These cutters are made of strong aluminium and are great for
cookie cutters, fondant cutters or for kids tracing shapes.
Butterfly Biscuit CutterButterfly Biscuit Cutter
A cute Butterfly Biscuit cutter
ready to fly to your home and take up
residence in your kitchen
Fish Biscuit CutterFish Biscuit Cutter
Fluted biscuit cutterFluted biscuit cutter
This fluted shaped biscuit cutter is ideal for use in making biscuits (cookies),
cutting fondant shapes or for use as a tracing shape for kids
House biscuit cutterHouse biscuit cutter
Mickey Mouse Biscuit CutterMickey Mouse Biscuit Cutter
Pig biscuit cutterPig biscuit cutter
Rabbit Biscuit CutterRabbit Biscuit Cutter
Rocking HorseRocking Horse
Star shapped Biscuit CutterStar shapped Biscuit Cutter
Star light Star Bright,
 this is the star I will use tonight
Teddy Biscuit cutterTeddy Biscuit cutter
This cute teddy biscuit cutter is ready to come and make his home in your kitchen,
Teddy is happy to be any colour you wish and decorated in any way you see fit.
Tree shape Biscuit CutterTree shape Biscuit Cutter
Woodstock Biscuit CutterWoodstock Biscuit Cutter
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